• LightSAML SP stack v1.0.0 released

    The LightSAML Service Provider stack has been tagged with 1.0.0. This release includes core lightsaml/lightsaml library, the lightsaml/symfony-bridge, and the security listener lightsaml/sp-bundle.

    2015-12-09 more

  • Symfony 3 support for LightSAML

    Symfony 3.0.0 has been released these days, and LightSAML has been patched to support it. Thanks to Charles Bell who initiated it and gave the contribution. At the same time, Symfony v2.3 is kept as the lowest supported version, so if any of you has some legacy you still could use the new LightSAML.

    2015-12-08 more

  • New major release considerations

    It’s been a couple of months since the first release of the SamlSpBundle and almost a year since the first release of AerialShip LightSaml library. Feedback and community engagement has been better than expected, thank you all, and many pull requests has been accepted. However, many issues and new ideas come to the sight. Also, I learned a lot about SAML and have now much clearer understanding of it. Thus, I’m considering writing a new major release, with new features, where old issues and misguides will be fixed.

    2014-10-01 more

  • AerialShip SamlSpBundle 1.0.0 released

    The AerialShip SamlSpBundle version 1.0.0 released. It’s source code is available at the Github repository and you can get it through composer aerialship/saml-sp-bundle. The SP bundle implements Symfony 2 security listener for SAML SSO with IDP. Instructions for it’s usage can be found at the Getting Started page.

    2014-07-09 more

  • Why writing a new SAML library in PHP

    An integration with Microsoft AD request come up. Is that possible at all? After quick googling it turned out it is. There it was: simpleSamlPHP, an “award winning” authentication application in PHP. Studying it and experimenting with it, I learned a lot about wonderful Oasis’ SAML enterprise level authentication protocol and federation. But finally when all pieces were assembled in my head, I found it nearly impossible to incorporate simpleSamlPHP into my own application.

    2013-12-21 more

  • AerialShip LightSaml 1.0.1 released

    The AerialShip LightSaml version 1.0.1 is released. You can get it’s source code from Github repository or through composer aerialship/lightsaml.

    2013-12-04 more