LightSAML Core

LightSAML Core is a PHP library implementing OASIS SAML 2.0 protocol, fully OOP structured with DPI principles, reusable, and embeddable.

LightSAML Core implements and supports:

  • SAML data model classes: Metadata, Protocol, Assertion
  • Serialization/deserialization of data model to/from xml
  • XML security and certificates
  • SAML bindings: HTTP POST and Redirect
  • SAML profiles: Web Browser SSO for SP
  • Simple Pimple bridge for customizing core services and profile flows

Following is supported by LightSAML, but not in Core but in some other component:

Following at the moment is not supported:

  • SOAP and Artifact bindings
  • Custom extensions

LightSAML Core is covered with unit tests and CI: License Build Status Coverage Status

LightSAML is open source and distributed under MIT licence.